Any sightings of Macs in public libraries?

  • Posted: 28 June 2001 06:10 PM

    Has anyone seen macs being used in public libraries? If you did, where?

    And what were they being used for? Public internet access, public catalog, staff use?

  • Posted: 27 June 2001 09:56 AM #1

    The libraries I have been at around my metro area are almost all Compaq’s.  I guess they are trying to save money by purchasing crappy equipment.


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  • Posted: 27 June 2001 04:56 PM #2

    They have some Macs in our public library.  They are in the kids section.  You can sign up to use them for typing and such.

  • Posted: 27 June 2001 10:57 PM #3

    My cousin told me about a library he visited that had 10 iMacs lined up on one wall.  They were online but he said they had filters on them to keep users away from some sites.


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  • Posted: 28 June 2001 10:09 AM #4

    The local library here is all PC. Most are older than Andrew Grove.


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  • Posted: 28 June 2001 06:10 PM #5

    At the main Phoenix library, there were a few iMacs setup next to dozens and dozens of Dells. While the Dells were used for catalog searches and internet access, the iMacs had some health program on them. All you could do on the iMacs was use that health program. There was no internet access and it didn’t look like it was easy to get out of the program (I didn’t try; I was in a rush to find my book)