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  • Posted: 20 January 2005 12:09 PM

    Hello all you crazy kids.

    Right now on one of my websites I have long vertical page of pictures at about 1/4 of their original size.  I resized them each manually in photoshop, which wasn’t too painful with around 20-40 pictures.  However, I think I want to change the layout so that there are thumbnail images on the page, and then when you click on one, a slideshow window pops up with that picture enlarged (kinda like the homepage picture pages) and then also a link below it for the pic at full size.

    Anyway, my question is how to batch resize stuff in photoshop?  I just want to take a whole folder of landscape and vertically aligned pictures and shrink them down so that they’ll fit snugly onto one page.  I’m assuming it’s easy enough to keep the originals also.  Thanks for your help!

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    Posted: 21 January 2005 12:02 PM #1


    You need to use Photoshop’s web galley macro. It not only will batch process a folder of photos and spit out thumbnails, it will also generate an HTML page of thumbnails for you. I used it to create the photo galleries seen on this page:


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  • Posted: 22 January 2005 10:44 AM #2

    Thanks very much for the tip!

    I’ve just started playing around with it.  I like that it makes the thumbnails and resizes everything pretty quickly.  I’m not sure I like all of the layouts, but that’s for me to customize.  Thanks again.

  • Posted: 27 December 2005 10:36 AM #3

    If you want more customization, you can have Photoshop resize all the images for you and place them in folders then do the design phase yourself.

    I routinely process weddings of about 1000+ images and this is my routine.
    Make an Action to do this:

    1) Image>Image Size change dpi to 72
    2) File>Automate>Fit Image and enter the size of your longest size.  I like my photos to fit within 500 pixels so I enter Width: 500 and Height: 500
    3) File>Save For Web> choose the settings you prefer, I usually like JPEG about 60%.
    4) select the folder you want for your larger images.
    5) Go back to your History state and choose the state where you have already sized to 72 DPI.
    6) File>Automate>Fit Image and choose your size for thumbs I like 120 pixels.
    7) File>Save For Web and choose your setting
    8) Select a folder to save in for your thumbs.

    Then you Batch this action and you get two folders, one of thumbs the other of large viewable images.

    Now here’s the real kicker to make this really useful…

    Get iView Media Pro.  It’s a meultimedia editor’s dream.  Design a webpage using your favorite design method and save the design as a template for iView.  Then simply load all your images into iView and have it batch out your webpage.  Replace the thumbs and images in the folder iView creates to keep better resolution (that whole makeing copies of a copy lost resolution problem).

    Sounds a little complicated but it’s not.  I batch a folder of 1000+ Hi Res photos and go have dinner.  When I’m done with dinner Photoshop is usually done.  The I drop pics in iView and select the web template I want.  Within a couple of minutes I’m all done.

    I can produce an entire wedding using this method in a little over an hour or so.

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    Like I always say… there’s a lot to be learned from wedding ‘togs.



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