AAPL Doing Well

  • Posted: 07 November 2001 07:35 PM

    AAPL has been doing remarkably well the past few days—I sold a bunch of stock last week, and I am coming to regret that.

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    Posted: 06 November 2001 12:23 AM #1

    Not sure if I can fault a sale in general with the general holding pattern the markets are in.  Do you still have a position in AAPL?


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  • Posted: 06 November 2001 10:58 AM #2

    I still have some stock I bought back before the iBooks came out, at $24.

  • Posted: 07 November 2001 07:35 PM #3

    Finally! My stock is making money! I bought it at $17, right before Sept. 11.

    BTW, another firm has initiated AAPL coverage


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