Forums officially "a hit"?

  • Posted: 23 July 2001 02:04 AM

    I am a member of several Mac web forums. This one appears to be highly trafficked, compared to a couple of others that I visit reguarly.

    Congrats, guys.


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  • Posted: 28 June 2001 10:52 PM #1

    I like this one more than any other Mac forum I have been in.  The people are nice and the discussions are usually intelligent.  I have learned things here too and that is always cool.


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  • Posted: 29 June 2001 12:50 AM #2

    I agree, this forum does seem to get more posts than many others do.  MacNN and AppleInsider’s forums are normally pretty busy, but there are few others that I ever see which are worth spending much time at. (Very little recent content.)  Mac Observer gives a third option now for a forum that has a decent amount of marterial on it.

  • Posted: 30 June 2001 06:24 AM #3

    How much do you think the recent contest has improved traffic?  I see a lot of silly people signing up and not posting.  But then again, a lot of people are signed up and have posted.  The question is, after the contest is over, will they stick around?

    I agree that the MODs have done a good job of posting interesting topics.  We have been lucky so far to have a great bunch of people.  I think Mac Users ARE, almost universally, good rational people, except when they are attacked by a WinTel user or they feel they have to battle FUD, then watch out!

    Out of all Mac news sites, there are only a few I really visit.  TMO has always been one of them.  Although I still hold that you should do a more comprehensive MacOS News around the Web like you used to.  Thats just my two cents    

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  • Posted: 02 July 2001 11:36 AM #4

    Shows how slow I am! I didn’t even know there was a contest going on, until I saw the winner of the first!

    Sometimes being old has its advantages, but in this case…


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  • Posted: 09 July 2001 09:40 AM #5

    I am a member of many forums and have to commend the whole TMO staff on a very professionally run forum and to say this place has become my new home

  • Posted: 15 July 2001 01:24 PM #6

    Wanted to say I’m glad to be here, too.

    I’ve spent considerable time chasing miniscule signal thru tons o noise elsewhere, and I’m relieved to find real people here having actual conversations.

    Looking forward to making a contribution….


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  • Posted: 15 July 2001 08:24 PM #7

    I *stumbled* across Mac Observer’s forums while searching the web for Apple stuff in general. As some of you know, I will soon be buying my first mac (a tower). I came here to read comments, post questions, and just learn about everything mac. Well, because of everybody here, I’ve learned a lot and have a great time just hangin’ out in the forums.

    I really didn’t even realize the forum was new (like about 2 weeks old when I joined). I have to say that the people on this site and the people this site attract seem to be the most knowledgable around.

    I recently started checking out other forums and they really don’t compare to the editors and moderators at Mac Observer. You guys rock.


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  • Posted: 17 July 2001 10:35 AM #8

    Welcome to the Mac community!!   Hope you enjoy your tower and keep coming here. Have a great time

  • Posted: 22 July 2001 09:32 AM #9

    I to have been getting mac observer news to my inbox for a year or so and I only discovered the forums a month or so ago,and I like it here too,the only other mac forums I go on are the UK Macuser forums and they are in a urgent need of a redesign.


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    Posted: 23 July 2001 02:04 AM #10

    Thanks, Andy.

    Just so you know.  We only rolled out the current forums less than 2 months ago.  Before that, we used an inferior engine and we didn’t promote them much.  Glad you are here now though!


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