The next iMac MUST be successul

  • Posted: 13 June 2001 07:39 PM #16

    Ohhh…. I was kidding anyway…

    guess I’ll just start posting about 100 messages to get a star!!!

    Really though… Apple will be fine, and all will be well… besides, I’ll be giving them probably around three grand in about two months, there’s more cash for their banks.


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    I think the current design is limited by the CRT monitor. I think that a flat-panel monitor opens up a whole new realm of industrial design possibilities…


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  • Posted: 13 June 2001 08:41 PM #18

    Flats are nice, great uniform color from edge to edge… BUT… I’ve heard they are still a little slow on the refresh rate for watching movies & playing fast games.

    is this right?  Plasma screens are faster I think, but they still need to shrink in size and price.  I’m not sure if they have gotten the screen size below 20”

    Anyone heard this too?  That LCD’s are not “fast” enough for watching a DVD?

    You know what, forget that LCD bandwagon, let’s see Apple really blow them away… High-Definition Holograms for displays, that would bring back virtual reality in a major way!  I can see moms and dads walking in on their eleven-year-old in a furious game of Quake and passing out from seeing the life-size demons!

    seriously though, LCD’s still are costly if you want good quality control on bad pixels… my Toshiba laptop had none, the IBM thinkpad had two or three, the two NEC’s (one was returned) had six!  I hope Apple keeps bad pixels to an absolute minimum.


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    Posted: 13 June 2001 09:42 PM #19

    It’s a good question.
    For the last several years iMacs have been Apple’s bread & butter and have also extended their market share.  However, I’m not really sure what Alfonzo means by “screw it up” - nor do I beleive that they screwed up the cube. It’s an absolute marvel of design, as I’m sure the next iMacs will be.  Jonathan Ives is a genius!

    If by screw it up you mean it’s not what the market wants, well who knows.  Apple are clearly on the lead edge of computer product design, always the first ones out there, so I would guess there aren’t many road signs for them.  And as smart as Steve Jobs and his crew are, I’ll bet he had no idea what getting the Apple ][ or the original Mac (I have one!) would mean in terms of market.

    Keep your fingers crossed and remember that if it turns out not to be insanely great, Apple have a $4,000,000,000 cash cushion to carry them to their next great product.

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  • Posted: 14 June 2001 06:45 AM #20

      As far as the LCD’s playing DVD…they do it nicely. There is one on demo where I work and we usually show off a DVD [Road to El Dorado ] on it.
      For the new iMac’s, if Apple can keep the price down for the LCD version I believe that they will sell very well. If the price goes up to $1400 or so for the lowest end iMac, then I dont see them selling as well as they have in the past.
      Just to throw in an idea…wonder what type of drive they will put in the new iMac? The CD-Burn/DVD Read like the high end iBook?


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    Posted: 14 June 2001 06:14 PM #21

    Yeah, they have to keep the entry level model at the current pricing levels.  Even if they don’t sell many, they have to have a sub-US$900 model in order to attract people to the platform.


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  • Posted: 14 June 2001 07:38 PM #22


    I really think anything under $1100 will be fine… (that’s with an LCD)

    You make a price too low and people start to doubt quality.

    Do you think Detroit operates like this?  The prices keep going up for cars…  Computers go the other way, but… to a certain selling point.

    It would be neat to incorporate a WEB cam in the case… (with a privacy panel slide for the nervous people), seeing how higher speed connections are now becoming normal in larger cities.


  • Posted: 14 June 2001 08:41 PM #23

    I find it interesting that nobody is considering the fact that it may NOT include an LCD screen.
    It does seem plausible due to their ability to sell the iBook so cheaply and also to the announcement when they announced their no CRT display policy.


    Keep in mind, the iBook only has a 12.1” display. This would be a total dealbreaker in a desktop computer. They would need a 15” screen minimum.
    Current price for one of those is $599. At the price point everybody is talking about ($999 or less for entry model) that would leave $400 for everything else including: cpu, hard drive, cd/cdr, memory (minimum 128MB, remember OSX), speakers, graphics accelerator chipset, keyboard/mouse, spectactularly styled enclosure and oh-yeah… profit.

    If Apple can make such an animal for that price point, which I believe is necessary, I will be the first to exhalt Steve Jobs and more importantly - the anonymous designers at Apple.


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    Posted: 14 June 2001 09:10 PM #24

    Remember though that the US$599 price also includes some things that would be redundant in an all-in-one.  The casing, the ports, controlling electronics, a cable.  Those things add up.

    Mind you, I share your concerns about this issue.


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  • Posted: 15 June 2001 06:51 AM #25

    First….Bump…I can tell by your statement that you have never done retail. People want the best computer for the lowest amount of money possible.
    Second. The G3 Processor which is what they will probally use to keep cost down was introduced in 1997.  So they have had 4 years to develop this chip and have found ways of making it cheaper. Every tim e a new iMac comes out it a bit faster than the old chips. Now, if they just focus on making the chips for less and the logic board to go with it then I believe they could make this model for under $900. Becides, there have been some very big breakthroughs in making LCD screens as of late. If they use some of these new methods they could probally make the 15” screen for even less than they do now.

    Extell tosses in his two cents.


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  • Posted: 15 June 2001 09:08 AM #26

    Just as long as they keep the quality up… (hardly any bad pixels) I’d be happy to see it as a $900 machine…  But 15”? firewire and a DVD?  Has anyone heard if it’ll still use an ATI?

    The only retail I’ve done was Walgreen’s for four years and later as a Wal-Mart computer guy.  Those customers do want the cheapest, but… a lot of those crappy $700 computers (a few by HP) came back as returns.  The customers liked me because I told them everything they could expect with those machines, and I even drove over to a few houses for some “tech support” (no, Wally-World didn’t pay me for that).  But some of those machines are probably still working fine. 

    I’m assuming that since most Mac users are probably return customers, they know what to expect from a Mac… decent quality.  A first-time computer shopper would look at a higher priced Mac and (I’m assuming) without some Mac-user coaxing, probably be sold to a lower-priced PC… key selling point with a PC seller - “oh the Mac’s are junk, you can’t find any software for them”  Hence the sales go to the PC’s right?  When people start to realize that Macs are simply more stable, and you don’t have to bother with the hardware and actually get some work done, I’m hoping that attitude will change.  Has anyone seen Macs at Circuit City or Best Buy yet?  If they could put some iMacs there it would be good.  I never go there anymore, do all my shopping on-line.

    You guys are going to laugh at what I’m doing now… I’ve got one year left before my computer science degree is finished…  But I’ve also started my own business as a toy maker.  I make old-fashioned toys, toy soldiers, tin-toy boats… etc.  I’m saving for a mini CNC milling machine to make up some fabrication time.  Every thing else is done by hand, the casting metal isn’t lead like they used to use in toy soldiers, it’s American Pewter, no bad stuff in that.  I don’t have a fabrication shop yet, ran out of room in my house, so everything is on hold.  But I can’t ignore my WEB site’s stats… it’s over 18,000 hits… I need to get my butt in gear and make some income from this.  My toy soldiers are priced at around $25 to $100 less than the other guys.  Ultimately, it’ll be an old-fashioned store-front building with a turn-of-the-century dimestore and soda fountain and ice cream parlor.


  • Posted: 21 June 2001 07:35 PM #27

    You know I usually think way ahead of the game. Antibiotic toilet paper, airless multi-colored tires,  lowjack belt buckles for children, fan driven air cars, I thought these up in the 70’s , but Steve jobs has surprised me every time. I didn’t see the imac coming. Didn’t see the Tibook or new ibook coming, Mr. Jobs is a very smart man. Even the cube was almost perfect, heck I still want one. What ever Mr. Jobs thinks up I’m sure it’s better than what I could dream up, within our technology limitations. I’d like a 42” flat screen hung on my wall with radio controlled keyboard and gyro mouse,  but then I’d like a coffee maker mounted in my car too. Go get um Steve:)

  • Posted: 22 June 2001 10:21 AM #28

    You do not need a 15” LCD on the new imac. Remember that the current 15” CRT is only 13.8” viewable. So if Apple can use 14.1” LCD’s that are completely viewable, they will be fine. It will definitely be a tight squeeze money-wise. Perhaps they can sell LCD imacs in the $1100 to $1400 range and keep a CRT for the $899 with merely a speed bump? just a thought anyway.

  • Posted: 26 June 2001 12:09 PM #29

    I think that the next imac will be sucessful just because it is apple.

    If they do make a imac with a flat panel why would they want to keep a form factor with a space wasteful design, made for the CRT days. When the imac was first made it was made to save space,even through the revisions the case was made smaller. The imac we know today was built around the CRT,but do we really need the VW beatle styling that apple has in the current imac. Don’t get me wrong but I am not suggesting a imac that looks like a cheese box.

    The panasonic computer mentioned earlier is a joke in terms of design. A LCD computer desinged into a CRT-like case that looks like a badly copied imac.

    Think now how apple is going to make the next product there are not going to make it look like the old design. They are going to build it new with a clean slate.  With this type of thinking the imac can take less space on the desk than your keyboard. WOW!!!!!

    The apple 15” flat panel look at the specs of it and take out a ruler.
    Size and weight
     Height: 15.8 inches (40.3 cm)
     Width: 16.1 inches (41.0 cm)
     Depth: 6.7 inches (17.2 cm) minimum; 10.2 inches (25.9 cm) maximum
     Weight: 11.5 pounds (5.2 kg)
    Now a imac designed into this would be a very well thought out idea and would be very compact. The imacs goal other than easy internet access is to be small and functional.

    If apple makes such a computer as listed above I can only hope that it is truely All in one. No external power Bricks/speakers imagine trying to find space for those things in a computer lab, but I would trade off the power brick for some internal expansion like 2 PCI slots, 1 AGP. This is all possible in a vertically oriented sytem with risers turning the pci cards parallel with the logic board and lcd display. 

    Final thoughts

    Imac 15” lcd
    G3 500Mhz
    128mb or ram
    10gig hd
    1 Firewire on right
    4 USB on 2right /2left
    56k modem—10/100 etherner / on right
    Slot load cd-rw/ top loading like a cube. yes on the top of the case
    1 standard AGP slot internally no / upgradeable
    2 PCI on the left side full size 12”
    Easy acess with coin turn entry….....
    $999.00 Base Config listed here…..
    This is my idea I can only hope apple has alredy thought of it, I surely would like to see something like this in the near future…....

    “Apple next imac will surely be made for sucess not copied for failure"Djb….........................

  • Posted: 26 June 2001 12:16 PM #30

    I think this redesign/relaunch will be very extreme. But I don’t think it will have a top loading slot nor 4 USB ports. 4 is asking a lot. Great idea, yes, but it won’t happen.

    I think the machine will be slimmed down. Think of it this way. If everyone could afford a tibook, they could put it on their desks at home and take it with them when they want to. I think this design will keep that in mind. Not that it will be portable, but that it will be small and streamlined.


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