iPod software/firmware updates, on any mac?

  • Posted: 29 August 2005 08:36 PM

    Hi, a bit of a question I can’t find an answer to anywhere, and its got me a little stumped.

    I’m going back to the UK next week and while there I will be installing an Dension IceLink in my car which I keep in its home country. While I haven’t fully versed myself in its installation just yet, I am under the impression that after its all fitted a firmware update might need to be installed. This is of course not the issue, but if anyone has experience of installing that kit, please speak up.

    Anyway, I’m not traveling back with my Powerbook as my g/f needs it for work while I am gone, so my question is, that while I am at my family home, will I be able to use either my Dads iMac or my trusty old Blue and White G3 to update the iPod, should needs be?

    Can I use another computer other than the computer I normally use with my iPod, for the purpose of installing updates?

    Its a good question, to which I cannot seem to find the answer. Thankyou in advance, I’ll be here all week :D


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