College Football Season Begins

  • Posted: 04 September 2005 09:07 PM

    An interesting two days of college football. TCU’s surprise upset of Oklahoma and today’s competitive Virginia Tech v. North Carolina State are just two of the weekend’s interesting events.

    Anyone else a college football fan?

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    As a 2005 graduate of Northwestern University, 4 year member of the marching band (Northwestern University Marching Band - NUMB, and now a proud NUMBALUM), son of an NU grad, and brother to a current NU student, I BLEED purple.

    I flew up from Houston to ChiTown this weekend for a memorial service, weddindg, and Cats game!  38-14 over Ohio University (a bit less spectacular than last year’s win over Ohio State University) was a great way to start the season.  The Big10 is always tough, and with lots of our O line graduating, the only part of our team I’m confident in is the passing game.  It’ll probably be a long season, but at least I was there for a win!

    And in other action, I saw the TCU/Oklahoma score, but only later did I find out that it was at Oklahoma!  That was amazing.

    And I hate hate HATE Notre Dame, but they look like they’re in a good position, as Charlie Weis is inheriting experienced players that were recruited by and excited to play for Tyrone Willingham.

    I haven’t heard much about the Pac10, so USC looks good there too.

    Of course, I won’t be paying nearly as much attention to this when the Bears and the NFL kickoff next weekend!

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    FSU vs. Miami is on now.

    I always took this rivalry as a guilty pleasure.  I hate football factory schools like FSU and esp. Miami, but the games feature some terrific athletes, you can’t deny that.  It’s esp. nice to watch now because both QBs are new and pretty terrible (so far).

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    [quote author=“spxyu02”]FSU vs. Miami is on now.

    sadly this game seemed to be all about who could drop the football more.  A good friend of mine went to FSU, so he was pretty psyched to see miami’s winning streak end. 

    I’m not a huge game fan, but I live in Boulder, CO, very close to the CU stadium.  The main reason I care about foot ball is that I make $$$ selling parking spaces in my driveway for $20 each!


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