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    Posted: 13 June 2001 07:23 AM

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    Someone gifted me with a copy of Illustrator 9.0 that they burned, and since I had never before used it, I’m not sure if it works correctly. I am unable to draw and paint easily in Illustrator like I was able to do in Photoshop. Oh, yes, the line is smooth and not rasterized. But every time I try to do anything, a “fill” takes place. I am unable to locate or change any setiings so that this does not take place. No one has been able to satisfactorily explain why this happens. If it is a default, there must be some way to change it. I don’t care about all the patterns, etc. I just want to draw and paint, and bring my (already scanned) own designs into Illustrator. (I know that I will need Adobe Streamline to do the latter.)



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    It sounds like you are frustrated because you are not familiar with how Illustrator works. It is a 180° turn from photoshop, so you should not expect it to work the same.

    First, upgrade to 9.02 (it’s free at

    Illustrator is a vector-drawing program, not a painting program. A “fill” takes place when you draw because your tool palette and color palette tell you that you have a fill and a stroke of a certain color. You can turn either or both off using the “slash” in the color palette. Anything you attempt to draw after changing these will have the “new” colors applied.

    If you are tracing a scanned image, you can work best with a stroke and no fill.

    You can utilize layers and set your scan in preview on 1 layer, and work in outline mode on another layer.

    You might need more tutorial info than can be delivered in this forum.

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