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  • Posted: 02 July 2001 06:30 AM

    Someone jump on this one! :rolleyes:  My wife enjoys games.  Her choices are presented by that wham, bam, thank you mam, Windows jam,  Her preferences are Solitaire, Bingo, word games similar to Scrabble and others listed on the Pogo menu.  Is there a Mac site that offers similar entertainment?  These games are Ok but they are accompanied by the trademark freezes and delays that are associated by most Windows originated by and for apps. 

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  • Posted: 01 July 2001 07:36 PM #1 has some great Java games that you play online vs people from all around the world.  I guess if she really doesn’t care about the money…  They are pretty fun!


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    Pay a visit to Freeverse Software and Ambrosia Software:

    They’re likely the most consistently outstanding shareware developers in the world, let alone on the Mac. Some great games of all types. From Freeverse I can recommend the card games and Deathground (and be sure to check out their “toys”—all free, and very funny, especailly Jared). From Ambrosia check out Ferazel’s Wand, Maelstrom (my favorite), Apieron, and perhaps Mars Rising.

    Try ‘em all; pay some shareware fees. They’re worth it.


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    Retro, thanks.  This dummy would have never thought of Yahoo.

    Too cool, Ricky.  We’ll chechum out.

    Thank you both for the input.