For Sale:  Beige G3 (266DT)

  • Posted: 03 December 2001 05:45 PM

    For Sale:Desktop Powermac G3 (Beige)    Standard Specs:    •266 MHz G3 CPU                 •32 MB SDRAM; 2 MB VRAM                 •24x CD-ROM                 •4 GB HD (IDE); 1.44 MB FD                 •ADB Keyboard and Mouse                 •2 Serial Ports (Printer and Modem)                •SCSI Port                 •ADB Port                 •Sound In/Out (Stereo)                •Mac OS 8.6         Extras:    •256 MB SDRAM DIMM, additional memory                 •Iomega Buzz PCI Card (Audio/Video)                    with Internal/External SCSI-2 Bus                     External “Buzz Box” for I/O                     connections                     Software + manuals included                 •Sonnet Technologies Encore ZIF G3
                        Processor Upgrade                     466 MHz w/233 MHz 1MB Cache
                        (runs at 468 MHz)                    Applevision 14” Color Monitor (supports millions of colors @640x480)Panasonic KX-P5400 Laser (LED) Page Printer w/extra toner cartridge.    300 DPI, 4 ppm, 4 MB resident memory, (run in LaserJet 2P emulation   mode using PowerPrint driver software and included serial-to-parallel
        cable). VERY small footprint!  Relisys Model 2412 Scanner (SCSI)    1200 x 300 DPI optical resolution, up to 9600 DPI (interpolated)    Scans up to legal size originals
        Art-Scan Driver Software     Other stuff:    Serial A/B Switchbox               Gravis Game Pad (ADB) game controller               MacAlly 2-Button Mouse (ADB)              SummaSketch ADB Graphics Tablet (6"x9”)                (needs updated driver for Mac OS 8.6
                  ComputerEyes SCSI Video Digitizer (lets you use a
                    camcorder as a webcam or with a vcr to capture
        Assorted software:    Games (Lode Runner the Return, Marathon,                        Descent I+II, Super Tetris, and                       others)                  Utilities (shareware, Netscape 4.73,
                              Surf Express)                  Database (Microsoft FoxPro 2.6)                  Word Processor (WordPerfect 3.5e)
        All available manuals are included$2500 (or best offer) for the whole she-bang (since the total shipping weight will most likely exceed 100 lb., shipping charges are extra!)I am registered with   I will also accept payment by certified check or money order.

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