Is this the new iMac?

  • Posted: 01 July 2001 12:20 AM

    In a newspaper here in the UK yesterday was an advert for ‘The Unclaimed Assets Register’ - pretty unintersting stuff, but sat next to the man in the dodgy suit is what looks like the much-rumoured flatscreen iMac2!  Complete with Apple logo and everything!

    Looks like a slot-loading CD drive in the right of the display, and various touch-controls along the bottom for power/brightness/volume etc.  Not the most glamourous of unveilings for the brand new iMac, but it’s one VERY nice looking bit of kit if this turns out to be it.

    I’ve scanned the advert and you can view it here:

    Let the speculation commence!


  • Posted: 30 June 2001 09:27 PM #1

    Doh, it’s the old model flatscreen displays, and just a trick of the light making it look like a CD slot in the side.

    Oh well, it was a nice scoop while it lasted!


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    Posted: 01 July 2001 12:20 AM #2

    Good eyes though, Nash!  You are right about it being the old flat panel model though.  Thanks for the link nonetheless!


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