Lisa 2 for sale!

  • Posted: 06 January 2002 02:25 PM

    The GUI (Graphical User Interface) that started it all. If you are sitting in front of a computer with a mouse and pull down menus you owe it to this machine, made in 1983. Full working order except missing mouse ball and the floppy drive needs attention (still works though!). I heard at Mac Expo a few weeks ago that there are only 3 other Lisa’a alive in Europe! Included with the main unit is: mouse, keyboard, printer (even paper that fits!), Lisa 2 users manual, and full box set of the Lisa 7/7 software still in box with manuals and floppy disks (LisaWrite: word processor, LisaCalc: spread sheet, LisaGraph: charts, LisaList: an outline builder, idea manager, LisaProject: project scheduler including integrated PERT and Gannt views, LisaDraw: drawing program, LisaTerminal: modem communications software), and all original cables. Heavy (but not bulky), so will require a fair bit of postage. Cost over 3000 quid new, and some are being sold for more than that nearly 20 years later! Not this one though…need the cash! Any (good) offers?

  • Posted: 06 January 2002 02:25 PM #1

    Thinking anywhere between $50 - $100 ? I might buy it ...