Third party hardware support for OS X

  • Posted: 07 July 2001 03:10 PM

    I have a number of third party USB devices for my Mac and have found that the vendors haven’t created OS X drivers yet. The beta was out long ago and they have had plenty of time to create the drivers , I would have expected the drivers to te available when the release hit the street. It looks like there is a problem with the vendor support in general. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Posted: 03 July 2001 10:42 AM #1

    I’ve been waiting for iSub support from Apple as well as a new intellimouse explorer driver from Microsoft. I’m beginning to wonder if either is on the way.


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    Posted: 03 July 2001 10:46 PM #2

    I think the problem has more to do with Apple’s Mac OS X API’s and underlying support for things like USB than it does the lackadaisical-ness of the developers.  Apple’s X APIs weren’t complete even after X was released in March.  That doesn’t make it easy to develop.


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  • Posted: 04 July 2001 09:47 AM #3

    Is is iSub independent of the soundsticks? Or do you have to use the iSub in conjunction with the soundsticks? If you do, does that mean that there’s bass in 9.1 coming from the sub but in X it just has no bass? I mean, do the soundsticks work in OSX or not?

    Strange how Apple’s own products aren’t supported.


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  • Posted: 04 July 2001 10:05 AM #4

    Here’s the deal with the iSub:

    The iSub is NOT the same thing as the subwoofer that comes with the SoundSticks.  The iSub is designed to complement the iMac speakers while the subwoofer with the SoundSticks is designed to complement the SoundSticks.  The iSub currently doesn’t work in Mac OS X because Apple has not written the driver software for it.  Unlike the SoundSticks, the iSub uses software to split the bass off and assign it to speakers.  The SoundSticks does this in hardware, so no software is needed for this to happen.  What I don’t understand is why Apple has not written the software for the iSub yet.  It is one of their flagship products (the iMac with iSub).



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  • Posted: 07 July 2001 03:10 PM #5

      I’m waiting for 2D and 3D support in OS X for my Xclaim VR card (Rage Pro).  ATI has said publicly that it doesn’t have plans to offer Rage Pro support, and is passing the buck on to Apple, which, in its ultra-secretive wisdom (sarcasm alert!), refuses to say whether or not support from Apple on this Rage Pro issue is forthcoming.  Thus, what we have here is not only a third party neglecting its customers, but Apple itself ostensibly failing to support its own hardware (my beige G3 desktop’s stock video card, too, has Rage Pro circuitry)!