iBook or TiBook?

  • Posted: 06 July 2001 11:13 PM #16

    Oh what good points, but how do I justify them.

    1. Yes, going to Disney World for 10 days now would likely cost as much if not more than a tibook.

    2. As far as buying now with Expo coming, I am waiting until Aug. 1 to see what comes of MWNY. I don’t expect much now, but in September I do. And all I can say is that every single time someone buys something, something better is waiting in the wings. Using that logic, I’d never own one because I’d always be waiting for the next best thing. You know? Something tells me now is the time.

    3. Buying hands on. I wish I could. I really do. But I posted something a few days ago .. either in this thread or another. If I buy at my local Compusa and boot it up and do all that, I would pay an additional $367 after taxes, RAM, etc. That is the cost of Applecare. I mean, because of that, I am forced to buy online. I can’t justify spending more. Now I know, I know. It’s a big ticket item. I wouldn’t buy a car over the internet without test driving. I know. It’s just that I can only afford so much and after much going back and forth, knocking myself in the head over and over, I have decided to take the chance and have it shipped and pray for the best. In my life to date, I have made 2 online purchases, and reserved a rental car 4 times. I am not a big online shopper either, but there is money to be saved this way. But I totally agree with you about hands on. If the difference in cost was even $100, I’d buy it in the store, but the $367 is just so significant.


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  • Posted: 10 July 2001 04:24 PM #17

    I have access to the new iBook and also my TiBook and can say from experience the TiBook is the tops of the two if you use it for business or graphical work. I travel with mine everyday and tried with my wife’s iBook once it was lighter but I found myself longing for the display of the TiBook as well as the power. Apple got it right this time with the TiBook.