Compiling a list

  • Posted: 03 July 2001 03:59 PM

    Ok. If you’d all be so kind, I’d like my new friends at macobserver to help me create my tibook needs list. Notice I didn’t say wish list, but rather needs list. With the money I’m gonna spend, anything else extravagant will have to wait until at least 2035.

    Here’s what I have so far. These need to be absolute needs and nothing more, ok? That will make it more challenging, because one person’s want may not be someone else’s need.

    1. Carrying Case.
    2. Cool pad
    3. applecare warranty (figures, the most expensive need!)
    4. USB hub
    5. piece of felt to put inside so the keyboard doesn’t hit the screen
    6. ZIO smartmedia reader (I’m into photography. This is a need).

    Anything else? I’m all ears.

    Thanks a lot, all.

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