Kanga and G4 400mhz 7600 for sale

  • Posted: 04 January 2002 06:51 PM

    Fellow mac enthusiasts:

    I have a 250mhz G3 Kanga for sale-160mb, 5gig, active matrix, 20xcd, floppy, built in Ethernet, 56k modem. $550.00 +shipping.

    I also have an unbelievable G4 7600.  This is one fast, spiffy computer.  I’ve never owned a computer that performed better, (and that’s including my new G4 with its annoying kernel panics).

    Back to the 7600/132. In addition to Newer Technologies 400mhz G4 card, there is an internal Jaz drive with 4 disks, external zip drive with 4 disks, Orange Micro 535 PC card with the complete set of ports, Orange Micro USB/Firewire card, 9gig internal IBM hardrive and external 1.2gig hard drive in APS case, 224mb RAM, 4mb VRAM, Sony 17” monitor, SupraFax modem, Apple Ext. Keyboard, Apple and Kensington mice, Gravis Joystick, and original boxes, software and manuals.  $950.00 +shipping.

    Please contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information or questions.  Thank you.