January 7th and Beyond

  • Posted: 10 January 2002 09:33 AM

    Apple has had high volume the past few days in anticipation of the announcements at the Expo. The summer Expo left investors a bit disappointed. The stock soon lost its pre-Expo gains and trended down.

    I do expect, if Apple satisifies the faithful on Monday, January 7th, for the stock to continue to advance. Personally, I purchased shares during and after the 9/00 sell-off and I’m eager to see gains on the investment (I need a new PowerBook).

    I have a personal target for those shares of $32.50. but I don’t expect the stock to rise to that level next week. I do expect a small earnings surprise when numbers are announced later in the month and for Apple to more than hold its own in terms of unit sales in the current quarter.

    Anyone else expecting Apple to break through $30.00 per share in the coming weeks?

  • Posted: 06 January 2002 09:03 PM #1

    I’m expecting heavy volume in AAPL at the Monday (1/7) opening due not only to the pre-Expo hype but also the Time Canada piece that has preceeded the opening bell in New York and Steve’s keynote later in the day.

  • Posted: 08 January 2002 08:45 AM #2

    Heavy volume continues through today (1/8). Investor interest seems to remain quite strong.

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 10:16 PM #3

    Apple pretty much held its own today (1/9) in a very difficult day due to the Gateway cut to junk status. The stock is showing high volume and is stubbornly holding on to the pre-MacWorld gains.

  • Posted: 09 January 2002 11:32 PM #4

    I appreciate your comments, Dawntrader.

    Dr. L

  • Posted: 10 January 2002 09:33 AM #5

    On 2002-01-10 03:32, hledgard wrote:
    I appreciate your comments, Dawntrader.

    Dr. L

    Thank you. Please see the new thread “Apple Daily Stock Updates” in the Apple Finance Board forum for frequent updates