Recent Apple announcements: do they mean anything?

  • Posted: 05 July 2001 06:27 AM

    Apple has been doing a lot lately.  First it was Mac OS X 10.0.4, then AppleWorks 6.2, then discontinuing the Cube (today, July 3), then OS X Server 10.0.4 (also today).

    Apple may still be planning another Mac OS X update for Macworld, but what about the others?  What do you think this means, if anything?

    I am wondering if perhaps the Cube, AppleWorks, and Server 10.0.4 are “little” things they wanted to get out of the way because they have a really big show planned.

    David Nelson
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  • Posted: 03 July 2001 10:22 PM #1

    I would tend to agree.  Apple really needs something big to boost sales as well as their stock.  I think that they’ve been holding back while design problems with LCDs (cost, availability, etc.) and speed problems with the G4 persist.  I think they’re ready to unload everything they got.  They have to, for their sake, and that’s why I think it will be a big show:  New iMacs, New G4s, possibly faster portables, new software, and something big (you know, that elusive “One more thing…”).



    Brad Smith
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  • Posted: 03 July 2001 10:30 PM #2

    I think that Apple will definitely be doing something big for this show and I hope it is something cool.  I am ready to upgrade my 6500 so I can run Mac OS X too.  A new G4 tower of some sort would suit me well.


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  • Posted: 04 July 2001 08:33 AM #3

    I am thinking, or hoping rather, that you guys are right and there is going to be something “big” coming, but the more I think about it I don’t think there are really going to be any surprised.

    Yes, there will be a new iMac, and it will probably rock.  If not released, at least announced faster G4s.  If you believe the rumor sites, and we must pick and choose when to do this, OS 10.1 will NOT be ready, and I think that totally sucks.  They’ll release some update, with DVD copatibility and perhaps Disk Burner, but all of those UI and speed enhancements associated with 10.1 will not come at Macworld.

    What about the continuing new iBook rumor?  Maybe that will happen, but I don’t see anything crazy, like a iPhone or iPad or iPDA or iAmSickOfThisiStuff…   We shall see.


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  • Posted: 04 July 2001 05:36 PM #4

    More evidence of a big show?  At this page , MacNN says

    A MacNN reader reports that Apple has started to post new advertisements in the New York City Metro area that have the famous “I (red heart) NY” signs, while Apple’s version replaces the red heart with a red Apple logo. Text below the image reads “Macworld • Javits Center • July 17-20.”

    So they are advertising for MWNY about two weeks ahead of time?  I didn’t realize that they advertised the show at all to the general public.  As the comments left on that article suggested, perhaps this is another sign that this Macworld will be a big one.  Any comments?


  • Posted: 04 July 2001 10:53 PM #5

    No comments

    Anyway….new iMac and faster G4 are given. But how much faster the new G4 will be is the question…......


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    Posted: 05 July 2001 06:27 AM #6

    I think Steve’s going to try something new.  He got rid of the Cube to put something in its place.  Apple’s been too quite lately just churning out upgrades.  Its R&D must have produced something by now.  However, I’m not guaranteeing it will rock.  I hope it will, but think of the Cube.  Sure, everyone wanted one - a free one that is.  I’m going out on a limb, but I think Apple’s going to release a Workstation *maybe* at 1 Ghz.  Then the PowerMac will get an upgrade from 733 to 933.  Think of it this way, Apple has recently been giving attention to their Server (something they haven’t done much of in the past).  They also might now feel secure enough that they can experiment with a PowerMac with more slots, more power, more of a workstation.  Yeah, I know NY is a consumer show.  But I don’t see Apple creating a new product between the Consumer and the Pro level.