Impact of G4 Cube announcement?

  • Posted: 04 July 2001 12:13 PM

    As a very happy owner, I am certainly sad to see the G4 Cube discontinued. But right from the start it seemed to be priced too high (I bought it once the rebates kicked in making it quite reasonable) which effectively killed whatever momentum it needed to get rolling.

    But I’m curious how others think the market will react, given the fact that “slow Cube sales” was cited by the company as one of the several reasons for last year’s poor Q4 results.

    I am assuming the market will be happy to see this computer “shed” from the product line, and will reward AAPL accordingly.

    Your thoughts?



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    Posted: 04 July 2001 12:13 PM #1

    I expect the market to reward the move, assuming they remember or care once the markets open up tomorrow.  With Apple’s P/E as high as it is, however, I am not sure how much rewarding will take place.


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