Think new iMac is ugly? First, check out Intel's "Concept PC

  • Posted: 18 January 2002 07:52 PM #61

    If you are running 9 or earlier, you can abuse your screen comparably with some of the more elaborate Kaleidoscope themes. But the main thing is, with Mac aesthetics (based on ergonomics and stunning geometric simplicity like cubes and spheres); with a ‘concept pc’, you get the same thing as everyone else, the defrags, the reformats, the IRQ issues, the 10000 fighting dlls, only in a different box.


    Seemed like a good idea at the time

  • Posted: 19 January 2002 09:13 AM #62

    You know, not only are these things butt ugly, but some of them are just plain robbery.  Take a look at the Exo.  Go ahead, take a good, long look.  Now, see if you remember this design from 1999..