Microsoft rigging votes in online poll

  • Posted: 10 January 2002 08:52 AM

    See the below website about an online poll asking people to vote between Java and MS’s .Net applications.  here’s a quote from the article:

      ZDNet UK logs reveal rather obvious vote rigging, and prove that
      it originated from within Microsoft:

        A very high percentage of voters are from within the domain.

        There is a very high incidence of people attempting to cast multiple
        votes, even though the poll script blocked out most attempts
        at multiple voting. The one that wins the prize made 228 attempts
        to vote. This person was from within the domain.,,t269-s2102244,00.html

    as with everything, YMMV. 


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    Posted: 10 January 2002 08:52 AM #1

    Several of the voters evidently followed a link contained in an email, the subject line of which ran: “PLEASE STOP AND VOTE FOR .NET!” We know this, because our logs include the Web address where visitors browsed from; when people click there from a Microsoft Exchange email message, Exchange helpfully gives us the subject line and username. The people who followed that link all had email addresses in the domain.

    This is why, whenever I get a web link or email pointing to an online poll, I copy the address and paste it in a new browser window.



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