Apple Daily Stock Updates

  • Posted: 05 February 2002 03:45 PM #31

    Does anyone have any word on production runs of the iMac? 

    100K per month appears too little to keep up the momentum.  (Unless, like Beanie Babies at first, scarcity was a plus)?

    Dr. L

  • Posted: 05 February 2002 10:48 PM #32

    Apple execs have publicly stated that it will take the entire quarter to ramp up production.

    I’ve heard anecdotal evidence that the delivery of iMacs has fallen behind schedule. I one case, a person who was literally among the first people to orrder the iMac on the day it was announced is still being told by the tracking system and Apple reps via of telephone that her iMac “is still being assembled”. On Thursday it will be exactly one month since she placed her order. It was ordered through Apple by phone on January 7th and she received an e-mail confirmation of her order later the same day.

  • Posted: 06 February 2002 05:28 AM #33

    Great Work DawnTrader, er.. DawnTreader!  Your posts, and this topic, are the best! I just discovered this and bookmarked it. Expect a Loyal Readership. Please keep up the daily AAPL analysis, you have good insight and grasp of the realities of the Market, please continue to share them with us.

    On 2002-01-31 21:13, DawnTreader wrote:
    Apple closed today (1/31) at $24.72 (1/31) with volume of over 8.3 million shares. Not only is today’s rise of $.63 impressive on top of yesterday’s gains, but the high volume indicates heavy and continuing interest in the stock.

    - continuing volume gains are most pleasing, you were right to key in on them early…

    I’d like to see Apple begin to take back ground lost in the sharp September 2000 selloff.

    - just when i started buying, looking three times for the bottom…

    The new iMac and speed-bumped G4s have apparently caught the attention of consumers and investors.

    - wait until the former see it in person,  the latter get delivered sales numbers…

  • Posted: 06 February 2002 09:09 PM #34

    Aphelion, thanks for the kind words. It’s the participation of all TMO forum members that makes the work a lot of fun! Thanks for visiting the TMO Apple Finance Board forum “early and often!”

    AAPL closed down $.74 today (2/6) at $24.67 on extraordinarily high volume of more than 10.6 million shares. My instincts tell me institutions are quietly moving money into the stock ahead of the next round of analyst upgrades.

    I expect more mutual and pension fund managers to add AAPL to their portfolios as we head into the middle of the quarter.

  • Posted: 07 February 2002 01:44 PM #35

    Apple closed down today (2/7) $.37 to close at $24.30. Although Apple was down for the day, more than 6.2 million shares changed hands.

  • Posted: 09 February 2002 06:21 AM #36

    AAPL closed down $.27 today (2/8) to close at $24.03. More than 6.3 million shares changed hands. Over the past few weeks AAPL has seen a significant increase in daily trading volume.

    This week Apple announced the acquisition of Nothing Real, a specialty graphics software company based outside of Hollywood. This acquisition highlights Apple’s continuing efforts to enhance its offering for movie makers and graphics pros. I expect the technologies picked-up in recent acquisitions to come to market in new products designed to help Apple gain share or regain share in key areas.

  • Posted: 11 February 2002 05:06 PM #37

    AAPL closed up today (2/11) $.95 to close at $24.98. Volume was a hefty 7.12 million shares. Earlier today an Apple exec stymied rumors of significant changes in Apple hardware anytime in the next few months.  According to published reports, Motorola is working on advancements to the G4 chip to be used in future Apple products.

  • Posted: 12 February 2002 12:56 PM #38

    Apple closed down $.27 today (2/12) to close at $24.71. At the QuickTime conference in Los Angeles, Apple premeired QuickTime 6. The company is waiting for changes to the MPEG-4 royalty scheme before releasing the latest version of its popular media player to the public.

  • Posted: 13 February 2002 12:34 PM #39

    Apple closed up $.30 today (2/13) to close at $25.01 on average volume. Apple, Sun and Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson announced that they would jointly support a new format for streaming content to wireless devices.

  • Posted: 14 February 2002 01:54 PM #40

    AAPL closed down $.41 (2/14) to finish the day at $24.60. I believe AAPL needs to close decisively above $25.00 per share in the next few days in order to establish a new trading range.

    In other news, HP reported better than expected earnings and appears to be holdings its own in the PC business with or without the Compaq acquisition. HP’s PC unit finished in the black for the period ending 1/31/02. HP’s results indicate that the worst may be over for the beleaguered PC market, although sales recovery may be slow in many commercial sectors of the economy.

  • Posted: 15 February 2002 09:44 PM #41

    AAPL closed down $.70 today (2/15) to close at $23.90. Over the past couple weeks AAPL has settled into a rather narrow trading band. There appears to be substantial resistance at the $25.00 per share threshold. I believe patience is the watchword at this time

  • Posted: 19 February 2002 05:48 PM #42

    At the end of a decidedly bearish day on Wall Street (2/19), AAPL closed down $1.28 at $22.62. This is the lowest closing price for Apple for the better part of one month’s time. IMHO today’s closing price represents a min-winter’s lull in AAPL and I expect the stock to momentarily resume its upward climb toward a new 52-week high.

    I other news, Be, Inc. filed a suit against Microsoft claming illegal and anti-competitive practices on the part of Microsoft ruined the market for its operating system product. Although the Be OS was sold to Palm, Inc. Be Inc. maintained certain legal rights in the transaction that enables the company to sue Microsoft.

  • Posted: 20 February 2002 04:16 PM #43

    Apple closed up today (2/20) $.51 to close at $23.13. The market has been rocked the past few trading about fears of more Enron-style collapses and uncertainties concerning corporate accounting practices.

    IBM, in particular, has been hit very hard and is down about 8% since last Thursday’s close. IBM’s performance over the past few trading days has had a negative effect on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the atmosphere on Wall Street.

    No doubt there will be changes to the way that corporations report certain types income and activities in light of the Enron scandal and there is concern about aggressive accounting practices used by many high-tech companies. However, Apple (IMHO) has been quite conservative in the manner in which it reports its earning and I believe the company will not be materially effected by many of the changes that will come about as a result of congressional hearings and pending legislation.


  • Posted: 21 February 2002 01:04 PM #44

    Despite reports that the new iMac is a major success, Apple closed down $1.63 today (2/21) to finish the day at $21.50. It was a tough day for all tech stocks as the markets continue to worry about the quality of corporate earnings and the potential for accounting problems among high-tech firms.

  • Posted: 22 February 2002 09:35 PM #45

    AAPL ended trading on Friday (2/22) up $1.24 to close the week at $22.74. It’s been a rough week for Apple, other technology firms and the stock markets in general. Accounting concerns in the wake of the Enron scandal continue to impact trading and many investors are opting to put their trust and their dollars in well-known and established companies in conservative industries.

    IMHO is a standout among technology companies. It’s cash rich, has a storied brand name along with superior, well-positioned products. I believe it’s only a matter of time before AAPL begins a new march toward a new 52-week high.