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    Posted: 10 January 2002 11:34 AM

    These people are pissing me off!!!!

    Through all the bad times with the economy, I had to let my ISP service go. Could not afford to keep it up and running. I had the service sub-leased through DialUp USA. The service was totally reliable. Never had a single busy signal, never had any problem getting anywhere, no probs whatsoever.

    I went with a local company that I had years ago, but they were having some major problems and I was getting booted every ten minutes and they stated they were in no mood to fix it because I use a Mac, and that that is the reason I am having problems. Needless to say, I no longer reccomend them to anybody.

    Then, I decided to sign up with AppleISP. I checked them out, and it seemed to be a good deal. They are also leasing their service from DialUp USA. They had the same Network area and dial up numbers as I had.

    To give you an idea of this area, Redding is 10 years behind the times. The farther south you go the farther back in time you go. In order of town south:

    Anderson: 20 years

    Cottonwood: 50 years

    Red Bluff: Just about 120 years.

    To give you an idea of the Networks available here:

    Network-A: The best one. The one I sold. No problems on this network ever unless PacBell accidentally cuts a trunk line.

    Network-B: Better than nothing. Some minor problems every now and again. but otherwise pretty reliable.

    Network-C: Crap. Just out and out crap.

    When I signed up with AppleISP they were on Network A. Now it would seem as if they have gone down to Network C. This site is the only site I can go to besides their website. Every other site comes with the “Specified Server Cannot Be Found” error. I even have some problems with this site. I cannot get my email. I cannot FTP at all.

    This is enough to piss a person off. What really tops the cake is when I email them about it (after dialing up on my sister’s account) all I get is this statement:

    “Your account is active.”

    How nice. This is customer service? If this was, I would be out of business right now. My name would be tarnished forever and I would have to move to Timbuktu to get a job.

    I would advise any people thinking about signing up with them to check them out first with the pro-rated rate. Keep your other service signed on and running while you do it.

    As soon as next week rolls around (the next time I pay myself!) I am switching to somebody else.


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