Hobbies outside of computers

  • Posted: 20 July 2001 05:30 PM

    Just wondering what type of hobbies everyone out there has. My life and hobby is computers but I have a few others. One is Role Playing Games. I find them as a way to escape the reality that plague us every day and to escape the worries of life for a short time. And dont give me a spill about them being Satanic. I’ve heard it many a times.

    Fact: RPG’s were introduced to mentally retarded students at a school over 70 years ago. They were inteneded to increase the imagination of the students, and it worked. The students began thinking in new ways and thus seemed to do better in life because of this. (Found that in an encylopedia for a report I did in high school: dang that was years ago)


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  • Posted: 05 July 2001 10:31 AM #1

    Two areas:

    1. Running/jogging/walking. About 20-30 years ago I was in pretty good shape. Competed in the Marine Corps Marathon (3 hr. 45 min). Have continued but slowed the pace, and alternate walking. helps rejuvenate the brain and relaxes the body.

    2. Guitar playing. Been playing for almost 40 years. Mostly bluegrass and some Gospel and contemporary Christian music.

    [3. if you count playing with my three grandchildren. ]


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  • Posted: 06 July 2001 06:50 AM #2

    1) Martial Arts-been training for 15 years
    2) Music-playing since 1970-Bass
    3) Gardening-most of my life
    4) Romancing my wife-not nearly long enough

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  • Posted: 06 July 2001 08:23 AM #3

    Music: singing (bass)—jazz, opera, a cappella; piano and guitar (badly)

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  • Posted: 06 July 2001 08:37 AM #4

    On 2001-07-06 09:50, drmemory wrote:
    1) Martial Arts-been training for 15 years

    I’ve been wanting to start. I’m 33 yrs old. Is it too late for me to start and still develop decent skills?


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  • Posted: 06 July 2001 08:40 AM #5

    I like to write. I’ve been working on a novel (Bryan, that’s why my column isn’t done for today)

    I just started playing golf in May. Golf is like sex, a famous humorist once said, because you don’t have to be any good at either one in order to enjoy it   I’ll be honest: I’m too damned old to run up and down the basketball court nowadays.

    I am a voracious reader; it’s the English major, I guess. I am an avid comic book collector, but not that Image crap. I’m into John Byrne, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, (rest of list is too long to post)...

    I draw.

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  • Posted: 06 July 2001 04:39 PM #6

    I build models - ships & planes mostly
    Read - sci-fi, fantasy, murder mystery, political intrique
    Do counted cross stitch needlework
    Sing - occasionally


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    Posted: 08 July 2001 10:01 AM #7

    My favorite activity is to fly stunt kites and do tricks and maneuvers with them.  I also play the piano and cello, and a little trumpet (well I use to play the trumpet).  Community theater projects as well.  Oh, I forgot cooking.  I like to try new cooking projects.

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  • Posted: 09 July 2001 12:38 PM #8

    Music: listening, playing. I play electric bass (my dad’s ‘64 fender), and like to fool around with keyboards, drum machines, and guitar (just learning guitar). Trying to compose songs (have been for about 8 years) but still learning.

    Reading poetry, writing poetry (mostly free form for lyrics for my music).

    Photography and motorcycle touring. These go hand and hand for me. Love to travel long distances to new places and capture on film. Also motorcycle camping is very soul-full.

    Eating, cooking, wine.

    And, of course, computers.


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  • Posted: 11 July 2001 11:29 AM #9

    What is this “outside of computers” that you speak of?  I don’t this.

    Actually I try to bike about 20 miles or so everyday, and I played volleyball in college, and still do in some moderately competitive recreation leagues in the Albany area.


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  • Posted: 20 July 2001 05:30 PM #10

    Well, you could call me a train fanatic, both in scale HO as in the real stuff, have been the last (and first) 21 years of my life.
    I like the outdoors (Switzerland, where there are real mountains)
    Cycling, everyday just for regular things but every now and then up to 40 miles.
    Reading, SciFi, Fantasy, Novels and literature (in Dutch, English and German)
    Science, especially Physics, got subscriptions to several interesting magazines.


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