Sony and Mac United in Games?

  • Posted: 17 January 2002 10:45 AM

    Okay, here’s the link:

    I’m thinking this is A Good Thing for the Mac. More software coming our way is always good.

    Sony “has announced that it will become an official Mac developer and has already made some of its more popular titles available to Mac users.” So now that The Station is open to Macs, that means more on-line playing ports.

    What do you diehard Mac gammers think?


  • Posted: 06 October 2002 07:48 PM #1

    Well it’s been nearly a year since this topic was originally posted.  Has anyone seen any Mac games from Sony?  I haven’t. 
    I think the best strategy would be for Apple to get together with Nintendo which I wrote about at

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    Posted: 07 October 2002 10:10 AM #2

    I think Everquest is the fruit of the Sony annoucement, and hopefully more titles to follow.


    - Gavin (DrShakagee)

  • Posted: 13 October 2002 05:43 PM #3

    so the benifits we reap from having sony behind the mac platform is a port of crappy 3 year old game?  uhh, thanks, but…

  • Posted: 22 November 2002 10:31 AM #4


    Wassamatter widu ppl!?!?


    I’m sorry, I guess not everyone’s universe used to revolve around Wipeout.

    Psygnosis made Wipeout and negotiated exclusive publishing rights with Sony, but when they wanted to break away from Sony, they exploded!  Remember “Bids for the european game development house Psygnosis exceed 200 million” !?!?  TWO HUNDRED WHAT!? 

    So anyway they underwent meltdown under such incredibly concentrated success levels, Sony retained Wipeout, they ported Wip3out XM300L (something like that) to the apple G3/G4 like five or six months back.  NOONE wanted it, so Sony was a little hurt.

    As for nowadays, Sony makes all their mp3 players mac compatible, and they’ve recently invested large amounts of money to pull the mac only CVGS off of the net.  I think they succeeded, It’s been a while since I looked…

    The brains behind the once allmighty Psygnosis are rumored to be knocking on some doors…  Anyone know what just happened to Bungie software?  lol bwa ha ha!