Can Gates's "security memo" be used in a class action lawsui

  • Posted: 19 January 2002 01:06 AM

    What if the people and companies that have suffered from the security holes in Microsoft products got together and filed a class action suit, using Billy’s memo as Exhibit A… and B and C and D and…?

    I mean, the thing is practically an admission, as Vern pointed out in reply to my “short take.”...



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  • Posted: 19 January 2002 01:06 AM #1

    Maybe Gates wants another class action lawsuit so he can re-present his ‘lets flood the only market that we don’t dominate with our product’ settlement proposal to a different judge. Sooner or later someone will probably buy the line that dumping millions of dollars of Windows stuff into schools is really a gift to the children instead of state sanctioned predatory pricing.

    But I think it would be awesome if someone sued MS’s pants off and won on the basis that MS deliberately and knowingly delivered a broken product. Go class action!