Apple Store Trip

  • Posted: 22 January 2002 01:18 PM

    Stopped by the Glendale Apple Store this weekend with the family. I wanted to get a glimpse at the new iMac and lay hands on an iPod. Here are my random thoughts:

    New iMac - The jury is still out on this one. The design is cool, no doubt, but it still hasn’t grabbed me and demanded a place in my home and my heart. My wife like it though. I do like the specs on it, but the design just hasn’t hit me like the original did.

    iPod - When it was first introduced I did care for it. Then it grew on me. It think the little sucker has an RDF of its own that only works when in physical contact or something. I now openly confess that it is totally cool! It is so little and so light and its sound quality is fantastic. If I ever find $400 in the street, I’m getting one.

    Apple Store - As I said from the very beginning, I don’t give a rip if these stores ever turn a profit from sales. That just isn’t the point. Getting to walk in and lay hands on the products and play. Loved the experience.