Mac Haiku

  • Posted: 20 June 2005 06:03 AM #406

    takes a steep dive once again
    when I end up here.



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    Posted: 01 September 2005 08:28 AM #407

    My iMac G5
    can go very fast indeed
    when I turn it on

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    Posted: 09 September 2005 09:42 AM #408

    Composing Haiku
    on my new iMac G5
    sets my heart afire

  • Posted: 09 September 2005 05:40 PM #409

    dirty powerbook
    keyboard grime, sticky fingers
    still better than dell

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    Posted: 10 September 2005 01:01 PM #410

    Nobody wanted
    the old powermac today
    at the yard sale

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    Posted: 03 September 2008 01:30 AM #411

    have we forgotten
    how to make simple haiku
    does anyone care