Your favorite Cocoa book?

  • Posted: 28 January 2002 07:56 PM

    We sort of touched on this over in OSX Hardcore, but I’d love to hear reactions to any of the Cocoa books/Online Tutorials out there.  I’m lusting after the legendary ease of UI design, but, well, I just haven’t had the time or a project to work toward. 

    So, what books do you like? 


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  • Posted: 24 January 2002 08:31 PM #1

    I’ve been working my way through ‘Cocoa Programming with Mac OS X’.  The author claims that with a background in C and some understanding of how OOP works, you can get Objective-C.

    So far, he’s right.  I like his teaching style—you go through sample projects in each chapter, diving right in and he gives you the play-by-play of what you’re doing (and why) as you go along.  I even learned how to use the debugger in Project Builder when I fat-fingered a declaration.

    Prior to this, I was mainly using the CLI stuff- gcc, perl, python, shell.  I don’t have a lot of experience with a GUI IDE (I’m an old UNIX fart) but this book is really capturing my interest and making for a nice intro to that world.

    Very high recommendations on this one.


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  • Posted: 27 January 2002 11:57 AM #2

    Yes, I also strongly recommend “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X”.  Thanks to it, I already know enough about Cocoa and Objective C to be able to write a program that shows a penguin-shaped window who says a random quote from “The Family Circus” every time you click on him!

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    Posted: 28 January 2002 07:56 PM #3

    As I posted somewhere else in TMO Forums, I’ve been skimming my way through O’Reilly’s Learning Cocoa. Since it was the only one available in my local bookshop I didn’t have much choice.

    Nevertheless it’s pretty good - I’ve managed by typing the code in by hand (I also have the down-loaded examples, but I wanted to be sure) to get virtually everything to work up until the last two examples. Any mistakes are almost certainly my own…

    Cost was a bit steep though, at $NZ119…


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