Adobe's Problem

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    Posted: 08 July 2001 10:37 AM

    Okay, from what I hear Adobe is thumbing its nose at OS X with the attitude, “Its not good enough for us.”  What is Adobe’s problem?  Sure, OS X isn’t perfect!  Sure, OS X has bugs!  Sure, Adobe has to put faith in it.  But why can other developers just live with it and say, we’re trying.  See, there are a lot of kinks to work out on both sides, but hey there is some cool stuff here.  Even a beta might be nice for insiders might be nice.  If Adobe doesn’t support OS X, I can see a possibility of OS X failing.  If OS X fails, I see Apple going out (for real).  Apple has had some cool technology like OpenDoc, that just didn’t get supported.  I want to see Adobe and Apple really trying to please each other.  If Apple is giving Adobe a cold back, I can see Adobe not wanting to cooperate. 

    Adobe doesn’t want to risk another Apple whirlwind that fails, but I think they’ll get that if they don’t try.

    PS:  I’ll be happy to delete this post when I get proven wrong that Adobe isn’t thumbing there nose at OS X.

  • Posted: 06 July 2001 09:57 AM #1

    Sadly it does seem that Adobe is less-than captivated by OS X despite their early enthusiasm.

    I may only be one person, but I know that I’m sticking with PhotoShop 5.0 until an OS X NATIVE version is released, same goes for my copies of Illustrator and PageMaker.  I was looking forward to PhotoShop 7, but I guess I’ll have to wait until 8 comes along.


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  • Posted: 06 July 2001 11:18 AM #2

    From what I have observed over the many years I have been working on computer (9 years now), over the past couple of years if a developer does not get the product mostly right (working great and maybe a bug or three) no one seems to care about it. This seems to be what Adobe is doing. Sinse Apple has not gotten OS X working good yet, they dont care. I think that if Apple would devote ALOT of development towards the new OS and just make one huge patch to fix all the bugs reported and make some major speed increase then many developers would take note and start developing for the OS X.


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  • Posted: 07 July 2001 10:33 PM #3

    I wait at least a year for all the bugs to get worked out.Im still running 8.6 and it is rock solid and using premiere and a gig of ram.Its great!!!!

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    Posted: 08 July 2001 10:37 AM #4

    I think Apple is upgrading and correcting problems rather quickly.  We went from .0 to .04 in about four months.  I don’t know how helpful they are being, but for Apple’s sake I hope they are really trying.  I really wouldn’t mind switching from Adobe products to what Macromedia makes.  I was going to by Illustrator, but when Freehand 10 came out I bought it.  If Macromedia gets Dreamweaver carbonized, they are going to have a huge lead.

    But this attitude from Adobe doesn’t suprise me.  They pressured Apple before, and they will do it again.  They can be brats at times.  Does anyone remember the stickle over the PostScript fonts?  I believe Apple created a font standard for their printers for their GUI system, and Adobe didn’t want to pay the price, so they created anothe standard.  Remember when Acrobat for windows had many more features than the Mac version?  Adobe can’t go on mowing everybody down all the time.