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  • Posted: 13 June 2001 07:31 PM

    Before I order a new (after this July) Apple Power Mac, I would like to get a few things clear.

    I’m assuming that I can literally take uncompressed video footage through the Firewire, and put it on the hard drive for true non-linear editing.  And of course make a true DVD.

    I can pass-through an S-VHS signal through my Canon Elura 2MC from an S-VHS VTR and with the magic of Firewire, my old home movies will be on the hard drive, uncompressed.  I don’t have to first record the S-VHS footage onto the MiniDV format?  If this is correct, then why do people spend $400 on a signal converter, when they could get a DV camera for $100 to $300 more?

    I could also store compressed clips of my footage, yet those clips represent the high-quality (as far as MiniDV goes) footage on the tape in my little Canon Elura 2MC.  And I’m assuming this way, I could also edit the film directly from the tape (provided there is enough room on the tape for editing.)

    Are those two assumptions correct?  Did it make any sense?

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    Posted: 13 June 2001 07:31 PM #1

    Yeah, that should all be true, though editing from tape is not nearly as easy as the non-linear editing you can do on the Mac.



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