• Posted: 04 February 2002 04:08 PM

    Hi folks,

    i need some advice concerning AppleScript and MacOSX.
    I just bought a Keyspan digital remote Control and i want to build a Script, that will let me shut down the computer via remote.
    but how do i do this?
    i tried to make a script: tell application “Finder” to shut down
    but this doesent work, since AppleScript is still active, when the finder tries to shut down,
    so the shut down process is always stoped because applescript ist still running.
    how can i work around this.

    2nd question do you have any idea how to start the script via
    remote control?

    Thanks a lot

  • Posted: 01 February 2002 03:18 AM #1

    Its me again, sorry but i forgot to mention that
    i am running MacOS X (10.1)

  • Posted: 03 February 2002 03:32 PM #2

    Can’t script a shutdown in OS X.

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    Posted: 04 February 2002 04:08 PM #3

    I was just about to agree with bobw, when I remembered you had to do something special with a shutdown script.

    Here’s the script:

    ignoring application responses
        tell application 
    shut down
        end tell
    end ignoring 

    ignoring application responses will tell AppleScript not to wait for a result before going onto the next line of code.  Well, the script quits, and boom your shutdown is complete.