Mpeg playing problem

  • Posted: 04 February 2002 02:41 AM

    When I download .mpeg files, I can’t read’em.
    They have the Quicktime icon, they are MPG type, TVOD creator.
    I try to open them with Quicktime, Premiere, FinalcutPro,Iview,  WinMediaPlayer, ... NOTHING.

    Can anyone knows anything about this ?
    I can play .mov files as much as I want.
    I’m on G4 400 OS 9.2.2, I have the QUICKTIME MPEG extension ON, & QT V. 5.0.2.

  • Posted: 02 February 2002 05:15 PM #1

    They are most likely encoded with DIVX, which requires a DIVX extension you can find by searching for it over at



    Brad Smith
    The Mac Observer

  • Posted: 03 February 2002 09:09 AM #2

    Or MPEG 4, I don’t think apple supports that yet (?)


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  • Posted: 04 February 2002 02:41 AM #3

    HI thanx for replies
    I got the answer
    My problem was because of an extension that prevent from QT to read mpeg files,
    I started up my mac with the basic extensions, & then with the full mac extensions & it worked.
    I reactivated all the extensions I need, it now works,

    There is to many extensions off left for me to tell u wich one was the problematic one,
    If I can isolate it one day I’ll let u know.
    Thanks BYE

    paris france.