Marathon Fans Unite!

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    Posted: 09 July 2001 10:15 AM

    Remember the Marathon…

    Who still plays it?
    Have a favorit map/level?
    Hear about the cool Open Source project Aleph 1 (something about Aleph being the next thingy after Infinity mathematically speaking.).  It’s cross platform, and yes they are still working out TCP/IP networking.
    There’s also this cool add-on caled Marathon Rubicon.  It runs of the Infinity engine, but there’s a stand alone version too. I think is the URL.

    PS: Anyone have any tips on how to get off level 15 on Marathon:Durandaul.  Yes, I’m still trying to beat the game after all these years.

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    Posted: 07 July 2001 11:12 PM #1

    I am a huge Marathon fan, but I haven’t played 2 or Infinity in a long time.  I think that those two games were so much more playable and engrossing than any FPS since.  As I said elsewhere in the forums, Duke Nukem 3D was also great, but because of its shere fun and not because it was better.

    Deus Ex is the first FPS to come even close in the quality area.  I really enjoyed that game too.


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  • Posted: 09 July 2001 10:15 AM #2

    I have beaten all three of the Marathon games, but that was a long time ago.  I got together with some friends at a LAN a couple of months ago and we cranked up Infinity for a few Death matches.  There is no denying that the flame thrower is by far and without contest the FUNNEST weapon ever created for ANY fps.

    To tell the truth, by the end of infinity I got kind of tired of the story line.  I may be speaking blasphemy here.  I guess it kind of got too psychotic and rambling for me at that point.  I have not played Rubicon.  I find that Infinity does not run all that well on my G4, for whatever reason.  It drives me crazy not being able to jump, and I am so used to seeing the name flash of the person I fragged that I almost feel like I have total suckage playing it (of course I don’t )


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