Guess how high will Apple's stock go?

  • Posted: 06 February 2002 11:50 PM

    It closed today at $24+, up $.94, while the rest of the stock market tanked. The iMac and positive press coverage has giving AAPL a boost.

    Remember when AAPL quadrupled (if not more) in stock price? Will it happen again? And if so, what is your guess? Will the stock split this year?

    (I know that should be in the Apple finance forum, but I’m feeling pretty giddy about my wise investment).

    And to think: I almost sold my stock when I saw the leaked photos of the latest iMacf!

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  • Posted: 05 February 2002 03:13 AM #1

    I see them go to $30 by the start of summer.



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  • Posted: 06 February 2002 04:42 AM #2

    Well see APPL @ $30 by April

  • Posted: 06 February 2002 04:47 AM #3

    I’m still waiting for them to get above my purchase price of ~$26.  (Surely it couldn’t get any lower I thought )

    I can’t complain too much - I rode the last one up almost to the top before selling it and made a nice profit (which I promptly wasted on PALM - oh well)

    Only $30?  I think $35 or $40 isn’t unreasonable with ALL the good news coming from Apple (like actually making a profit *gasp*).

  • Posted: 06 February 2002 09:13 AM #4

    Good to hear you all having fun with Apple shares.  Don’t buy anything Irish especially if it has Bank in the name.  It might be robed by a trader.


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  • Posted: 06 February 2002 09:36 AM #5

    How high can it go?

    Depends on whether it’s anchored to the bottom or not.

    For the last 18 months (+/-) AAPL has been held down by market forces.  All the reasons I cited for expecting strong performance still apply (here’s the thread - my post is 8th down:; ).

    Due to general econ conditions, we could say that AAPL has under-performed;  still, it has shown considerable & persistent upside pressure, bucking the general downdraft, rising when logic would dictate more display of weakness.  I think this speaks directly to AAPL’s fundamental health, strength, and vigor.

    I said 18 mos. ago that I expected the stock to return to $50+ in 6-12 months;  this has not happened, but not through any particular deficiency of AAPL - again, the tech downdraft has held it back all this time.  Even so, it has clawed its way back up to where I bought in (~$26) in spite of downward pressures, including its own struggle to remain profitable.

    So, how high?  I could easily see it returning to the $60-75 region.

    WHEN is the problem, because no matter how fine AAPL’s seamanship, it still has to sail the trroubled waters of the market.

    PS - Rodney, I wanted to thank you for quoting my post (mentioned above) in your article (yeah, I know it was a while ago).  It was quite gratifying!

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  • Posted: 06 February 2002 01:15 PM #6

    Just higher than Dell is all I have to see.

    Of course, they will have higher prices.


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  • Posted: 06 February 2002 02:15 PM #7

    On 2002-02-06 13:36, Pashtun Wally wrote:

    PS - Rodney, I wanted to thank you for quoting my post (mentioned above) in your article (yeah, I know it was a while ago).  It was quite gratifying!

    That’s insurance, my friend. So if someone hates my writing, I can blame it on the quotes I use

    Seriously, though: Your’re welcome.



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    Posted: 06 February 2002 04:51 PM #8

    For Apple to do really well…

    The US needs to come out of a recesion
    The comp industry needs to be making more profits in general

    I see Apple reaching a 30 by Japan or WWDC.  But then, it might fall a dollar or so.

    I see a 40-45 range by MWNY then fall back to right below 40 or just above (depending on the market in general.)

    Stock splits only occur when a company is doing extremely well.  So unless Apple shoots up to 60-80 by the summer, I don’t see a stock split in the near future.

  • Posted: 06 February 2002 06:37 PM #9

    I’m looking at about $45/share by June. The iMac will fly, and the new desktops will boost sales too. This assumes that the Enron-caused discomfort will subside. But in any case, it’s always a good time to BUY & HOLD good stocks. If you can buy some every month, you’ll be doing “dollar-cost averaging”, and you won’t have to worry if the stock drops periodically, because then you’re just buying new shares cheaper. You only lose money if you sell!
    At ~$25 per share, everyone can afford to buy something, even one share. Whatever the stock—participate in the economy. You don’t have to be brilliant—or an evil capitalist pig—to become rich. Just get out there and play the game. There will never be a better time to buy than now. Just don’t invest what you can’t afford. Pay your bills first.
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  • Posted: 06 February 2002 07:04 PM #10

    What hurt Apple in the 4th calendar quarter wasn’t the recession itself, but the recession-related fall in interest rates. During Apple’s most recent profitable quarters, interest and earnings on its cash holdings has been the single largest contributor to net profits.

    I’m not concerned about the recession as much as I’m concerned about Apple successfully meeting its production schedule on the iMac and its plans for the pro line as we head toward MacWorld New York. I expect the iMac to sell 3 million units (including the older style and sales in the education space) during calendar year 2002, provided Apple can ramp up manufacturing to meet demand.

    The pro-line will need a major refresh by summer (faster RAM, wider bus, new class of processor, etc.) if the company expects to make inroads and gain share in the high-end graphics market most recently reserved for companies such as SGI and Sun.

    Mac OS X will indeed open new markets for Apple and help the company reestablish itself in industries that it was unceremoniously forced to abandon in the mid-90’s.when the company mishandled the rollout of the PowerPC and failed to meet commercial demand.  The company focused its efforts on selling over-priced 608X0 computers to consumers. Those were the products that ended up in landfills by the truckloads when commercial customers couldn’t find PowerPC Macs anywhere in the channel.

    Apple didn’t so much lose the creative content and education markets to the Wintel cartel, it pretty much handed those markets over on golden platter. That spectacular management misstep has taken the better part of a decade to reverse.

    My point is: If Apple can ramp up manufacturing to meet demand for the new iMac and successfully roll-out the next generation pro machines by MacWorld New York, I expect AAPL to hit 50 by mid-summer. And if the economy cooperates at all - $60 per share.

    Interest rates won’t remain this low forever. Better products, new markets to attack and decent earnings on its $4.4 billion in cash add up to a much higher stock price for AAPL (IMHO).

  • Posted: 06 February 2002 11:50 PM #11

    Last year for my birthday one of my friends bought me 1 Apple share from! I was so happy with the present that all my other friends bought me 1 Apple share from oneshare! I am now the proud owner of 20 shares in Apple.

    You may scoff but I say “onwards and upwards”


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