Tony hawk II & osx & cheat codes…

  • Posted: 07 July 2001 11:08 PM

    So, like… the supposed “(number pad 7), (space),(space),(space),CV,[up], [down], [left], [up], CV,(space),,VB,(space),VB “end run”” cheat doesnt work in osx.  Both in native and classic modes, I cnat seem to enable the cheats.  Has anyone gotten them working in os9? or are the cheats PC-only?

    (yes, cheating on games is lame, eat me.)

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    Posted: 07 July 2001 11:08 PM #1

    Cheating on games when playing against others is lame.  Enabling cheat codes when playing by yourself is simply the way you want to play.  Nothing too lame there IMNHO. 

    That said, I haven’t played TH2 on a Mac yet.  Someone else in the forums has, I imagine!


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