Need a 'new Mac Ideas' Forum

  • Posted: 10 July 2001 03:38 PM

    I think it may be useful to have a forum that discusses new ideas for the Mac platform - who knows maybe some genuinely brilliant notions may be generated here from which Apple (and indeed IT generally) may benefit. 


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    Posted: 08 July 2001 01:36 AM #1

    That’s a good idea, Nico.  It would need a better, or rather more focused, name.  Anyone have any suggestions?


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  • Posted: 09 July 2001 07:16 AM #2

    How about, “Stupid computer tricks”   

    In my opinion “Mac ideas” sounds more like a thread, not a forum.  But thats just my gut speaking.


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  • Posted: 10 July 2001 03:38 PM #3

    How about “Mac Wishes” or “Apple Dreams” ? lol