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    Posted: 10 July 2001 10:35 PM

    This would belong on the Apple Finance Boards, but it’s way too much of a rant for me.

    Bill Campbell, the Chairman of Intuit sits on Apple’s Board of Directors even as Intuit cuts such vital Mac products as QuickBooks and some business tax software for the Mac.  I find this inexcusable and plenty of reason to get him off the board.  The company would have stopped developing Quicken for the Mac had Apple not agreed to bundle it with the iMac!  BAH!  What has this man done for Apple?


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  • Posted: 09 July 2001 05:54 AM #1

    As I understand it, Quickbooks is available again for the Mac, but only after MYOB proved there really is a market for accounting software on the Mac. Macintax is no more, but there is Mac versions of Intuit’s tax software (I forget what it’s called). It’s Macintax with a name change. And there have been steady updates to Quicken for the Mac.

    If Bill Campbell has anything to do with the above stuff then leave him where he sits.


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  • Posted: 10 July 2001 10:35 PM #2

    Perhaps Bill serves as a much needed reality check.

    Think about it, if we had a bunch of board members who were blind Mac fanatics then it’d be pretty easy for the board to collectively bury its head in the sand wouldn’t it? And we already saw what that leads to.

    If there’s someone on the BOD who doesn’t support the Mac through his own business then he’s probably there telling the rest of the BOD what to do to encourage his company to change that policy. That’s a good thing.