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    Posted: 12 February 2002 07:41 PM

    Hope I’m not treading on toes here. Some good references on the nitty gritty:
    For those of you who like your Filing Live, whole and kicking: go here
    The Register also has a nice bite sized account of the interesting morsels.
    I’ve tried reading over MacCentral’s report but it seems to rehash most of the same. Don’t read the user comments, you’ll weep for the state of humanity.

    Choice details: The grand total of Operating Loss on the Apple Stores has been $8 million. IMHO, a perfectly acceptable amount considering the current economic climate in which they opened, and the serices both in advertising, and support for local Mac users is certainly worth that, considering Apple’s profitable quarter overall.

    Perhaps the only real disappointment is the number of jobs lost in the restructuring: 425 people lost jobs at Apple through restructuring of management, sales and IT positions. That’s a fair bit more than the “Handful” i had heard through ATAT a while back. However, As The Apple Turns puts this into interesting perspective. Not only is that substantially less than the 6,600 of Gateway last year, but Apple’s own workforce has been increasing year after year, and is actually UP 1,035 people since October 2001. Now, I don’t want to minimise the pai of the 425 who lost jobs at Apple, but from the big picture, that’s not the bad news it immediately appears.

    Anyone else?


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  • Posted: 12 February 2002 07:41 PM #1

    I highly recommend that anyone interested in learning and understanding more about Apple’s finances and financial statements should read the 10-Q report. Jon, thanks for posting the link!