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  • Posted: 14 March 2002 08:11 AM #16

    2nd MacMall call.

    This time person said they do have a real backlog, they are getting 200 units a week, hardly enough.


  • Posted: 14 March 2002 04:24 PM #17

    I expect either massive shipments at the end of the month or an earnings advisory from Apple over the next two weeks.

    Curious to note, I was at my local Fry’s store and the aisle was packed with iMacs in the original enclosure.  I’m there about every two weeks and this was a new shipment of product.  I suspect Apple is working feverishly to meet demand and has moved older-style iMacs to resellers to clear out inventory and changeover manufacturing resources to the new line.

    Remember, Apple records the sale when the product is shipped to the reseller, not when the reseller ships the product to the consumer.

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    Posted: 15 March 2002 04:46 PM #18

    To quote Wadsworth the butler: “This is getting serious”

    With rumours and reports that Apple is giving it’s own retail stores priority when shipping iMacs, this could have serious consequences on other major Authorized Apple Resellers around the world. Even if this is merely an excuse for otherwise incompetant management on behalf of Capitol Mac, (and I’m not saying it is), this public statement can’t be good for the relationship with Apple and its sales partners.


    -Jon Roth

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  • Posted: 16 March 2002 01:06 PM #19

    The margin on iMacs and iBooks for resellers is very low. When one factors in the cost of maintaining a showroom, offices and employees, it becomes very difficult to remain in business if one’s business is primarily based on consumer sales. This is true regardless of the platform.

    Competing with online stores and catalog resellers is not an easy business. Most professional resellers I know make their bread and butter dollars selling to commercial accounts. Service and support pays the bills. The margin on hardware sales may or may not cover the costs of one-full time hardware sales manager and the work is often viewed as a way to keep commercial clients happy by providing one-stop e-mail or phone shopping for their commercial customers.

    I don’t know if local bricks and mortar hardware resellers that cater to consumers will be around much longer.

  • Posted: 19 March 2002 06:12 AM #20

    I believe that MacMall is about to get a large shipment, and things may really start moving at resellers this week.

    Let’s see, and hope!

    Dr. L

  • Posted: 19 March 2002 10:35 AM #21

    I expect very large shipments to arrive by the end of the month. The question is: Will Apple meet its original unit shipping estimates outlined during the conference call with analysts in January.

  • Posted: 19 March 2002 04:05 PM #22

    A salesman at MacMall said they have a backlist of 1800, and the iMacs are coming in at a faster pace.

    I do think Apple will meet its estimates.

    To me the real question is can they ship enough to really raise market share significantly,  And soon.  There is a great opportunity that would be really bad to miss.

    I do think they will work it out.

  • Posted: 19 March 2002 04:59 PM #23

    From what I can tell, Apple is already increasing market share The numbers Apple has mentioned in terms of pre-orders, the increase in traffic to the bricks and mortar Apple stores and the various estimates on backorders, indicate that the demand for the new iMac dwarfs the demand for the original iMac, which has been the most popular computer in the company’s history.

    I can also speak anecdotally, I’ve been involved in helping several people evaluate and purchase new Macs over the past several weeks. A few are people who left the Apple fold years ago; others have never owned a Mac. When Apple officially details the total number of iMac orders, I believe we will all be very pleasantly surprised. The new iMac does not have a rival in the PC market. It’s a computer for which people are willing to wait. There are no substitutes available.

    I believe no matter the current component supply issues, Apple would be hard pressed to meet demand. I’d like to introduce a bit of perspective on this matter. Of all the challenges Apple could have at the moment, I believe the iMac issue would be at the top of the list of executive choices. I’m among Apple’s most vocal fans. But I’m not opposed to looking critically at the company. Readers who have a moment should read the   Apple and Microsoft: The Saga Continues thread.

    Apple is not the same company it was five years ago. It has arguably the best management team of any major PC maker. In short time I believe Apple will move past the iMac supply challenge into a new era of success and Macintosh popularity. It’s been five long years of vey hard work for Apple and its employees.

    Dr. L, thanks for pressing the folks at MacMall for a backorder number and info on the rate at which new iMacs are arriving at their shipment centers


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    Posted: 20 March 2002 02:34 AM #24

    In the long term I am very confident in AAPL. The iMac is a big success and this will show in numbers during the coming months. Depending on what Apple will tell us about the production problems there might be a small dip in AAPL. But this would be just a great opportunity to engage in AAPL before they jump over $30 later in the year.

    There is a very nice article from a first time Apple buyer ( My iMac epiphany ) and she did not mention any delays when buying her iMac. This is a good example of how the iMac will expand Apple’s market share.

  • Posted: 20 March 2002 11:56 AM #25

    Elmar, thanks for the link


  • Posted: 20 March 2002 10:16 PM #26

    I beleive the iMac backlog mystery has been solved (in Tokyo)

  • Posted: 21 March 2002 07:47 AM #27