Video much darker… Normal?

  • Posted: 19 February 2002 09:35 PM

    First I must say this is FUN! Plugged in my little Hollywood Bridge, and copied my first tape.

    However while I knew I would lose some quality, I didn’t expect the picture to be so dark is this normal?

    The tape is a government training film, and not the most professional quality of work   A few of the scenes are indoor under lower light conditions. On the TV/VCR it isn’t bad, but on the computer you can’t see much of the background. Looks much like a still shot, when the strobe didn’t work.

    Is this normal?

    Is it safe to assume that if I save the movie to DVD instead of quicktime I’ll have the same problem. (At the cost of blanks, didn’t want to waste one to find out)

    My Final Cut hasn’t arrived yet, and I figure it will take some time to learn the basics. So right now I’m just using my iMovie.  I didn’t seen anything iMovie that would correct the lighting.

  • Posted: 19 February 2002 09:35 PM #1

    Can you hook up your telly to the computer and check the display on there?  It might just be that your computer’s monitor is giving you a lame display.

    I’ve never used a Hollywood Bridge, so other than that I have no idea. Sorry.   GL with it, though!


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