Difference in U.S. and the rest of the world VHS/DVD

  • Posted: 19 February 2002 11:31 AM

    Another one of those “blonde” newbee questions:

    There is a BIG difference in US VCRs and the rest of the world. 
    I know that there is something in DVD players that controls what DVs you can play, that is dependent on your country.

    Do homemade DVs have any problems, playing world wide?

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    Posted: 19 February 2002 11:31 AM #1

    DVDs made with iDVD are “region-free” and will play on any DVD player. DVD Studio Pro lets you set a region code, if you so desire.

    You may have to convert your footage (and create your iDVD project) to PAL format depending on where you’re planning on sending your disc. A list of countries using PAL and those using NTSC (the broadcast standard used in North America, among others) is available here.



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