AAPL Q2 results

  • Posted: 10 July 2001 03:41 PM

    My Guess $20-60M profit on an operating basis.

    on the upside:
    1) Apple makes $50M / Quarter in interest
    2) iBook a blow out success
    3) TiBook also likely still strong
    4) school sales likely much stronger

    on the downside:
    1) slow sales of iMac
    2) slowing sales of G4 Tower
    3) cost of opening stores
    4) OSX transistion becoming painful

    I believe AAPL is a risky stock. Third party ISV commitment and broad costumer acceptance of OSX is in question at the moment. PowerUsers and early adopters seem to be split on OSX. Most believe in the promise of OSX but many dislike its current state. The general public is much more ambivalent and continue to use classic MacOS.

  • Posted: 10 July 2001 03:41 PM #1

    i think that apple blows out quarter again…
    like last quarter.

    ibook is blowing out the doors
    t book is still blowing out the doors
    education is back in a big way.
    apple stores huge success.
    new imac on the way.
    immuned to pc pricewar.

    os x still dragging in adoption
    macro economy problems (but i think that apple talks up education to combat private sector slowdown)
    adapter recall (does this effect earnings going forward)

    i think apple will blow out estimates again!
    funny this stock is flatlined was exactly same spot before earnings.
    the questions is the months going forward and the general market mood.