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  • Posted: 07 April 2002 09:57 AM

    On behalf of the TMO staff, forum moderators and specialists, I’d like to thank everyone who has visited the TMO Apple Finance Board Forum over the past several weeks and in particular the members and guests who have chosen to post comments and begin new threads.

    One of our goals for the forum is to provide a world-class place for the exchange of information and viewpoints about Apple Computer, its finances and issues relating to the performance of its stock. Your continuing support is important to our continuing success.

    We encourage everyone to shares their thoughts and views in this forum. New members and guests can obtain information about posting in the forums by reading the   TMO Forum FAQ

    Please feel free to post any questions you have about the forum on this thread or send a private message.

    Thank you again for your continuing support.


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    Posted: 21 February 2002 02:24 AM #1

    I decided to register and post this reply, just to show my strong interest in these discussion threads. I am a long time apple invenstor and it is not very easy to get good background information about AAPL on the web. I was a regular reader of Apple Stock Watch from Wes George and was very sad when it faded away . I hope the new life on this board will continue and want to encourage other quiet readers to show their interest by occasional contributions.

  • Posted: 26 February 2002 06:23 PM #2

    Elmar, thanks for the post! TMO staffer Raena started a welcome thread for new forum members. New members should feel free to contact me or members of the TMO staff with questions or comments

    TMO Welcome Thread


  • Posted: 03 March 2002 11:58 AM #3

    Just a reminder over the coming days and weeks important developments relating to Apple’s finances and the performance of its stock will be extensively covered in the TMO Apple Finance Board Forum. All forum members and guests are encouraged to not only visit the forum to read the latest posts, but also add their comments and share information. The more members and guests who actively participate in our forum, the better our forum can meet its mission of serving as a world-class information resource for all Mac users.


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    Posted: 03 March 2002 05:15 PM #4

    Just wanted to pipe in with a note of thanks to DawnTreader for all the hard work here.  Look for more from him in the future. 


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  • Posted: 06 March 2002 04:59 PM #5

    The TMO Mac Support Boards forum provides our readers with helpful information and answers to many Mac troubleshooting questions. Dave, Photodan, Jeff Kievlan and David Nelson (TMO’s resident experts and all-around Mac gurus) manage the forum and work hard answering questions and assisting our readers.

    Please stop by the Mac Support Boards forum whenever you have a moment or are searching for an answer to a Mac support question. 

    TMO Mac Support Boards


  • Posted: 09 March 2002 09:24 AM #6

    On the lighter side of Mac life TMO offer members and guests the rather zany Chain Gang forum. This is the place where early on I spent decidedly too much time

    It is, however, a great place to meet many of the colorful members of the TMO forums and have a bit of fun. The moderator of the Chain Gang is Bryan, TMO’s editor-in-chief and co-moderator of the Apple Finance Board forum.


    The TMO Chain Gang Forum


  • Posted: 13 March 2002 10:37 AM #7

    I’d like to encourage forum members and guests to bookmark or add to favorites the TMO Apple Finance Board forum index page.

    TMO Apple Finance Board forum index page

    We will be following the major financial announcements from Apple as we head into the final weeks of the 2nd fiscal quarter through the release of Apple’s official quarterly financial reports in mid-April.


  • Posted: 26 March 2002 05:08 PM #8

    Please follow the lead up to the release of Apple’s 2nd fiscal quarter results in the following thread:

    AAPL 2nd Fiscal Quarter Results: Preview Reports


  • Posted: 07 April 2002 09:57 AM #9

    Readers interested in following the new Apple Stock Watch column and reports can find them at The Mac Observer Apple Stock Watch area of the site.