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  • Posted: 28 March 2002 08:43 PM

    I’m new to Macs, just got a Tibook. I need to know if it is possible to somehow run MS Frontpage XP (2002 or whatever they call it) on OSX???? Anybody have any ideas or otherwise good and AFFORDABLE alternatives???

  • Posted: 23 February 2002 05:59 AM #1

    Oh my…  FrontPage, huh?

    Well, the short answer is no, there’s no FrontPage for the Mac and Macs don’t do Windows, so you wouldn’t be able to just up and buy it and run it.  However, you’ve got two options.

    1. You can pick up a copy of Virtual PC , and that’ll run Windows XP, FrontPage 2002, and most any other Windows applications you’re after.  At $199 for Virtual PC with XP Home plus the $90/170 cost of FrontPage 2002, it’s not incredibly cheap, but if it’s important that you must use FP then the price might be worth it.  It’s fairly easy to set up, and a lot of Mac users enjoy the benefits (?) of having Windows right there with them.  Caveat: I don’t run Virtual PC myself, but I understand that some users have experienced better performance from VPC under OS 9 rather than X.

    2. If FrontPage’s WYSIWYG features are what you’re after, you might find that a Mac-native editor would save you the effort - and some expense - of pootling about with Windows on a Mac.  We’ve discussed some of this stuff in this thread (which was initially about hand coding, but gets a little tangential).  Many shareware/commercial Web development applications for the Mac have comparable and often better implementations of FrontPage’s features, and often it’s a lot cheaper.



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  • Posted: 23 February 2002 10:53 AM #2

    Actually, FWIW, there was a FrontPage for Mac but it’s no longer developed and is not for OS X.

  • Posted: 23 February 2002 08:23 PM #3

    And do we miss it? HELL NO.


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  • Posted: 24 February 2002 02:39 AM #4

    Yeah maybe you have a point. Thing is I have been running windows PCs for quite a few years now and have built up quite a respectable collection of software including MS Frontpage 98, 2000 and XP. So, you see, I don’t have to buy it anymore. I realise that there are some pretty good alternatives out there like Dreamweaver 4 but at $200-$300 its pretty steep for a poor student like me who has just spent all his money on a Tibook and because of that already can’t afford to buy food for the rest of the year… confused That’s for the Virtual PC tip though that could solve quite a few problems!

  • Posted: 24 February 2002 07:25 AM #5

    On 2002-02-24 06:39, mikef wrote:

    This has nothing to do with this thread, but Bryan! Graphics gurus! we definitely need this as a smiley! We could even call it :moue:!




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  • Posted: 24 February 2002 01:23 PM #6

    Mikef:  Starving student?? That’s GOOD!  Buy and edu version of either Dreamweaver or GoLive. You can save major $$

  • Posted: 25 February 2002 01:28 AM #7

    Where can you get an edu version of these software titles????

  • Posted: 25 February 2002 04:22 AM #8

    Ask your educational institution’s library, bookstore or computer store (whichever’s appropriate) about that.  If they don’t do that or they have no idea, call the local Adobe/Macromedia/whoever offices in the Netherlands and ask them about that.  Normally they just need proof of your student ID.  You might also be able to get a copy of Virtual PC, if that was the option you were planning to take.

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  • Posted: 05 March 2002 08:39 AM #9

    try or

    I got a copy of MS Project 2000 (normally $500) for $150 including shipping from California

    Some universities are partnering up with Microsoft to offer some MS programs to students.  BGSU in Ohio offers a $10 purchase of MS Frontpage 98 for Mac, 2000 for windows, Office 2000 for windows, office 98 for Mac… and you can go to the library and check out the CD’s for Mac Dreamweaver, MS Visual Studio 6.0, Win9x, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, and I think XP now.

    I agree with Raena on this… abuse (er) USE your student status to its fullest potential for getting cheap software now.  Acedemic versions of Photoshop 6 are $249 instead of $600.  I wish I was still a student so that I could get discounts on all of my software now.


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  • Posted: 22 March 2002 06:13 AM #10

    If you are going to use your Mac for web authoring, I would say goodbye to FrontPage. I have used FP in the past, and found it to be easy to use, buy had less than attractive features. I switched to GoLive 5 (soon to be 6 for me). The great advantage here is that it works with FP extensions, and offers support for Flash. Also, GoLive is available for Macs and PCs.

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    Hmmm… software.

  • Posted: 28 March 2002 08:43 PM #11

    Macromedia Web Development Suite: $199!
    Adobe GoLive/Live Motion: $89!!!!!
    Adobe Web Collection: $349

    Macromedia allows you to download the software and have the box sent to you.

    Hope this helps!