Recommendations for used iPods

  • Posted: 27 November 2005 12:58 PM

    Hey all,

    I want to get an iPod for myself this Christmas, but I’m trying to exercise some financial restraint, so I am limiting my search to used models.

    But financial motives aren’t the only reason I am looking at used iPods. My Mac is a Pismo G3 running OS 10.3.0, so I don’t want to buy an iPod that doesn’t come with a FW cable. USB won’t cut it. Additionally, a dock would be nice.

    I’ve seen that SmallDog has 40gb 3rd gen iPods with dock and carrying case for $269. Apple seems to have the same thing at the same price. Smalldog also has a 15gb 2003 model for $179.

    Any recommendations on what used model has the best value for price out there? Also, what are the reputable places to get them? I want to avoid eBay, because I don’t want a model with a maxed-out battery or display problems, etc.