New Smileys!

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    Posted: 14 July 2001 05:33 PM

    Hey everyone,

    We have rolled out the new Smiley set from Mendelini.  You can see them in the FAQ , or where Smileys have already been posted.

    What do you think?


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  • Posted: 11 July 2001 06:56 PM #1

    I’m happy

    No, really.  I am!       

    They are very cool.



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  • Posted: 13 July 2001 10:11 AM #2

    Oh no!


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  • Posted: 13 July 2001 10:19 AM #3

    ROFLMAO! Good one!


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  • Posted: 14 July 2001 05:33 PM #4

    Excellent ~