Keep tally of right/wrong rumor mongers…

  • Posted: 11 July 2001 08:09 PM

    This is in response to the post about Go2Mac’s predictions. No offense to the person who brought this to our attention, but I’ve written of Jason O’Grady ever since he got his venture capital or whatever and morphed the PowerPage (which was a damned good site) to the rumor-whore

    But my point is this: we need to start now keeping track of what site is predicting what. Keep track of who was right and wrong and use that to view them from this point on. Not be high an mighty (I visit MOSR, even though I’m first to bash young Ryan Meader), but I’d like to know these guys’ track records…

    Back to lurking…


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  • Posted: 11 July 2001 08:09 PM #1

    I agree.  BTW, that was my post.  It is fun to see what everyone is coming up with, though.



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