Jobs Talks: Macs and Music

  • Posted: 05 March 2002 07:23 PM #16

    There was also the time where an American company(can’t remember who) wrote a program to make a computer produce every combination of musical notes possible, then record them onto a hard drive with a vue to owning all future copyright material ever!!  Last I knew of this case, they were going to court about it, I presume sense prevailed!


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  • Posted: 06 March 2002 06:33 AM #17

    There was an Australian company that used a computer to generate all the possible tone sequences caused by dialing a number with a Touchtone phone, and copyrighted them, saying that they would charge a small royalty for these works of computer-assisted art.



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    Posted: 07 March 2002 09:52 PM #18

    Human greed, it would seem, knows no bounds…  I loathe the pursuit of unearned profits…



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