Coders, any suggestions?

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    Posted: 07 March 2002 07:19 AM

    read the thread, please post any suggestions? I’m learning C now, and I have much interest in cocoa and UNIX programming. (apple’s dev tools is on my list of stuff to get)



  • Posted: 07 March 2002 04:04 AM #1

    For development tools, you get pretty much what you want with the Developer’s Tools cds. You also get a C compiler, Perl is preinstalled, etc.



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  • Posted: 07 March 2002 07:19 AM #2

    In general… what he said. 

    If you are into scientific/array intensive programming made easy IDL, or MATLAB (expensive), or (free but not quite up on par with the others). 

    if you are really dying to mess with compilers I think you can get GCC3 to compile on OS X now. 


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